CAMiLoD provides its users with several microscopy options such AFM and EM, which are accompanied with advanced image analysis and imaging processing systems:

Confocal Microscopy

3 systems available

When you need to obtain clear optical sectioning, confocal microscopy is your go-to option! 

Electron Microscopy

1 system available

When you need very high resolution and magnification, electron microscopy should

be your go-to option!

Wide-Field Microscopy

4 systems available

When you have no need for optical sectioning or a clear axial resolution, widefield microscopy is your option! At the moment only one of our systems allows live imaging (Zeiss Motorized AxioVert aka Motormaster)

1 system available

When you have to measure forces and stiffness in your cells, tissues or material, AFM is your option!

2 workstations available

When your data is too heavy for your computer, use our fully dedicated and powerful workstations for your image analysis!

Atomic Force Microscopy

Image Analysis Workstations


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