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Updated: May 12

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Single cell in situ spatial profiling with Xenium Analyzer

Navigating the diverse and heterogeneous tissue microenvironments, whether healthy or diseased, requires precision mapping of the gene expression occurring within these regions. In a new study, the lab of Nick Banovich, PhD, at TGen generated high-resolution spatial profiling data for FFPE-preserved primary lung samples from 7 healthy controls and 12 patients with pulmonary fibrosis (PF) using their new Xenium Analyzer. It became immediately clear that the cell-type composition inferred from this data matched much more closely with the biological “ground truth” when compared to methods requiring tissue dissociation. REGISTER for this webinar, hosted by Science, to:

  • Explore the power of image-based in situ spatial profiling with Xenium In Situ and how it provides novel insights into the biology of PF

  • Understand how spatial niches defined by pathology-directed and unbiased clustering methods can be used to profile disease-associated cellular and molecular dysregulation in PF

  • Have an opportunity to ask questions during the live broadcast

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This webinar explains the basics of AFM probe selection optimized for the application of interest. Biological applications, including hydrogels, soft samples, living cells and tissues were discussed. Follow the link below to access the webinar:

How To Choose an AFM Probe

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