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Toronto's Most Recent Microscopy Imaging Facility:

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CAMiloD is a recent, imaging research facility which embarked in 2019, under the University of Toronto - Faculty of Dentistry. The Collaborative Advanced Microscopy Laboratories of Dentistry (CAMiLoD) provides an integrated, state-of-the-art imaging facility, which aims to train and specialize researchers from all stripes and foster collaborations with the Greater Toronto Area's research community. It was established by Distinguished Professor Dr. Boris Hinz.

Image of Dr. Boriz Hinz | Director of CAMiLoD

Being affiliated with the University of Toronto, enables CAMiLoD to house some of the most advanced and innovative microscopy equipments, image processing softwares, and specialized services to optimize and further its users research in Cell Culture, Biomaterials and Biomedical Imaging, Microbiology, Connective Tissue and Regenerative Medicine, Oral Pathology and Cancer, Pain and Neuroscience or any other relevant area.

Our Purpose

Empower the Research Community

We Strive to provide you with innovative microscopy and advanced imaging analysis to further your scientific research

Foster Collaboration

Train The Upcoming Generation

We assist and facilitate academic researchers & industry startups

We ensure our users are learning from world renowned industry experts by hosting workshops/seminars/courses/hackakthons, and key speaker events

What CAMiLoD Offers:

Various training programs, courses, workshops, and seminars which all revolve around facilitating graduate, P.hD, and industrial fellows with their research task and advancing their proficiency levels in operating with advanced microscopy and image analyzing/processing softwares. 


CAMiloD offers imaging technology to study cells, tissues and materials at all levels of resolution, including live cell atomic force microscopy (AFM) combined with confocal microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), latest high-speed and super-resolution scanning confocal microcopy, total internal reflection microscopy (TIRF), and a variety of wide-field microscopes for specialized applications.

“With CAMiLoD, faculty, students and industry partners can come to the faculty from all over the world to further their research, laying the ground for scientific and clinical collaborations, innovations and breakthroughs,” said by Daniel Haas, the dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto.

How Can CAMiLoD Help ?

  • CAMiLoD is the first facility in Canada to have a dedicated image analyst, who will assist with quantifying and analyzing data from your images which is an essential stage in scientific research.

  • Provide Users with customized training in the form of workshops, seminars, and courses.

  • Allow users to utilize cutting edge technology to streamline their imaging research and analysis

  • Being a BioSafety Level 2 certified facility, CAMiLoD's users are provided with a safe and optimal working environment



Anonymous -

"Very good workshop, clear, interactive, I would recommend it to anyone who needs to do image processing

Electronic Chip

Shahrzad Nouri -

Thank you all for all your help and support since (and before) the beginning of CAMiLoD operation. I would like to thank Dr. Hinz for making all these possible for us in our faculty. I also would like to specifically thank Dhaarmini and Joao for being so knowledgeable and helpful, not only during the training sessions, but also time by time when I encountered a problem running my samples

CAMiLoD Grand Opening_2019-07-05_002.jpg

“The instructors were very knowledgeable about AFM in general and the Nanowizard specifically, and were able to provide very practical advice. It was also good that the demos involved ‘real-world’ samples to highlight some of the considerations and challenges when measuring biological samples

Anonymous -

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