Facility Director

Boris Hinz

Distinguished Professor

see hinzlab.com

Facility Coordinator

Dhaarmini Rajshankar, Lab Coordinator


  • Microscopic analysis of cell-matrix adhesion dynamics using ICC/IHC, Live cell imaging with Brightfield, widefield, confocal and TIRF microscopy.

  • Histological assessments of demineralized hard tissue and soft tissue samples.

Facility Advisors

Karina Carneiro 

Assistant Professor


  • DNA-based biomaterials and scaffolds

  • Hard tissue regeneration

  • Protein self-assembly

Laurent Bozec

Associate Professor


  • Nanometrology and nanomechanics of collagen, cell-surface interactions and connective tissue disorders, including cancer. 

  • See bozec-lab.com

Facility Support Team

Jian Wang

Research Associate

Mechanical testing of materials

and image analysis of SEM

Denise Eymael

Graduate student

AFM Nanowizard 4

QI mode

AC mode

Force spectroscopy

Force modulation mode

JPK software data analysis

Sophia Huang

Graduate student

AFM expertise

Maya Ezzo

Graduate student

Live cell imaging, calcium imaging, Particle image velocimetry (PIV), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Traction Force Microscopy (TFM)

Alumni Team Members

João Firmino

Image Analysis Director


Image processing/analysis, data visualization and scripting

 Live-cell imaging microscopy 

Drosophila, Zebrafish, Chicken and cell culture expertise

ImageJ, ilastik, Volocity, CellProfiler, QuPath, ZEN, RStudio

Bearded all year long

Nancy Valiquette

Laboratory Technician


Histology service for mineralized and demineralized tissue,

SEM and µCT

Shahrez Waseem

Marketing Specialist

Maria Lin

Lab  Marketing Specialist