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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Systems

Zeiss Axiovert 200M + NanoWizard 4


Inverted epifluorescence Axiovert 200M microscope equipped with JPK's Nanowizard 4 platform for AFM


  • High-resolution imaging of biological and other advanced samples in air or liquid

  • Fast scanning option up to 70Hz line rate with a 100μm scanner

  • A comprehensive set of AFM modes like JPK's easy-to-use QI mode, contact mode with lateral force, advanced AC modes like non-contact, phase detection, electrical and magnetic imaging modes

  • Tip scanning technology for safe and easy operation in air, gases and fluids 100x100x15μm³ scan range with lowest noise levels in closed-loop

  • Precise force spectroscopy and quantitative nanomechanical imaging

  • Nanomanipulation and nanolithography

  • Advanced characterization of mechanical, chemical, electrical, optical and magnetic material properties

  • Compatible with transmission optical capabilities using a "standard condenser lens": e.g. brightfield, phase contrast, Hoffman modulation or DIC simultaneous to AFM imaging


  • Halogen transmitted light source

  • X-cite LED


Objectives: 10x/0.5

Filter cubes: DAPI, FITC/GFP, TRITC/RFP, Cy5
Software: JPK acquisition software

atomic force microscopy 2.JPG
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