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Electron Microscopy


FlexSEM 1000

The Hitachi FlexSEM 1000 Scanning Electron Microscope features newly designed electron-optical

and signal detection systems providing unparalleled imaging and analytical performance in a

lab-friendly configuration. Engineered to appeal to both the novice and expert microscopist for a

wide range of applications, including biological and advanced material specimens, this microscope

will certainly expand your analyses as well as your expectations.


  • Compact and high-performance column: The FlexSEM employs a newly designed electrical optical system with a reliability-proven high-sensitivity detector, achieving imaging at 4 nm.

  • The electron optics incorporate a low aberration objective lens and a unique gun bias system that allows the delivery of high emission current.

  • High-resolution imaging available in secondary electron (SE) and backscattered electron (BSE) modes.

  • The user interface is easy to operate even by novice users, and with the various automated functions, high-quality and quick data acquisition can be accomplished regardless of user experience level. A touch panel operation is possible.

  • SEM MAP helps to locate regions of interest quickly and delivers accurate correlated optical and SEM images using only one click. Optical and EM correlation function, SEM MAP is fully integrated into the graphical user interface (GUI).

  • The user-friendly GUI as well as accurate and fast Auto Focus Control (AFC) and Auto-Brightness and Contrast Control (ABCC) algorithms, take only 5 seconds to enable optimized imaging performance with minimal time and effort.

  • Novel low vacuum technologies enable observation of non-conductive specimens without preprocessing.

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