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Summer School 2023

When: June 11th to 13th

Where: CAMiLoD microscope rooms at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto

Course outline: The 3-day program will include in-class introduction to the cell mechanobiology techniques, and instructor led demonstration sessions in groups of 3-6, with a chance for hands-on practical modules ranging from preparing the samples to imaging on various confocal and super-resolution systems, as well as performing force mechanics on an atomic force microscope, as summarized on the tentative schedule below.

Scheme - web.jpg

Cost: $500 per participant

Registration deadline: May 12th or when the maximum enrollment is reached

  • Registration fees include the cost of sample preparations as well as imaging sessions.

  • Lunch as well as light refreshments for the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided.

  • Fees will be collected after the minimum enrollment requirement is met.

Limited number of spots available.

Sign-up on the form below to register today!

We thank you in advance for your interest!


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