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We would like to thank all the sponsors and volunteer helpers who made our Summer School in Microscopy and Mechanobiology a success!





Participants gained hands-on experience in sample preparation techniques to study the influence of matrix modulation on cell mechanosensing and had the chance to network with industry professionals.

We look forward to continuing to provide quality educational experiences to those interested in microscopy.

Reach out to CAMiLoD to find out how we could help achieve your research goals!

Cell Mechanobiology and Imaging ​

When: June 11th to 13th

Where: CAMiLoD microscope rooms at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto

Course outline: The 3-day program will include in-class introduction to the cell mechanobiology techniques, and instructor led demonstration sessions in groups of 3-6, with a chance for hands-on practical modules ranging from preparing the samples to imaging on various confocal and super-resolution systems, as well as performing force mechanics on an atomic force microscope, as summarized on the tentative schedule below. This workshop also includes image analysis webinar on Imaris for Cell Biologists package to introduce 3D visualization modes, and solutions to common 3D quantitation and analysis challenges with Imaris (i.e., Surfaces and Spot based analyses).

Scheme - web - blue.png
Confocal 01-zoom in_edited.jpg

Cost: $500 per participant

Registration deadline: Extended to June 1st or when the maximum enrollment is reached

  • Registration fees include the cost of sample preparations as well as imaging sessions.

  • Day 1 activities include a Team building event with dinner.

  • Lunch as well as light refreshments for the morning and afternoon sessions will be provided.

  • Fees will be collected after the minimum enrollment requirement is met.

Registration for this workshop is now closed.

Visit News and Events page regularly for future workshop announcements!

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