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Spatial Transcriptomics

10x Genomics – Xenium Analyzer

Experience the next level of spatial transcriptomics with the 10x Genomics Xenium Analyzer at CAMiLoD. This cutting-edge technology allows us to gain insights into the biology of cells and tissues not possible before, providing highly sensitive, targeted gene expression information at subcellular resolution. This system comes with onboard analysis capabilities to process image data, localize RNA signals, and perform secondary analysis, thus producing high-throughput analysis of single molecule RNA detection with powerful optics, data acquisition, and decoding technology to rapidly detect multiple analytes across entire tissue sections.


This platform is compatible with fresh frozen (FF) and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. The system is designed to provide simultaneous RNA and protein detection in the same tissue section, thus providing precise multiplexed histopathology transcriptomics of various inflammatory and cancer cells, with discernible spatial insights in the intact tissue as well as within the tissue microenvironment, thus addressing the upcoming need to characterize inflammatory and tumor cells by function and state in the context of an intact tissue sample, which is essential in identifying the predictive biomarkers, or spatial phenotypic signatures, of tumor and disease progression.

Trust our team of experts to provide you with the most comprehensive analysis of your samples.

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