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Spatial Genomics

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Single cell in-situ spatial profiling with Xenium Analyzer

This webinar will explore the cutting edge high-resolution, in situ spatial profiling technology, called Xenium Analyzer, by 10x Genomics. Associate professor Nick Banovich, will present the data obtain by his lab with FFPE-preserved primary lung samples from 7 healthy controls and 12 patients with pulmonary fibrosis (PF) to demonstrate the cell-type composition inferred from this data matched much more closely with the biological “ground truth” when compared to methods requiring tissue dissociation. REGISTER for this webinar, hosted by Science, to:

  • Explore the power of image-based in situ spatial profiling with Xenium In Situ and how it provides novel insights into the biology of PF

  • Understand how spatial niches defined by pathology-directed and unbiased clustering methods can be used to profile disease-associated cellular and molecular dysregulation in PF

  • Have an opportunity to ask questions during the live broadcast

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