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Mechanical Testing


CAMiLoD offers fully serviced mechanical testing to assess fracture, fatigue, and/or microhardness properties of organic and/or synthetic materials based on the application of compression, tensile, or shearing forces. Experienced facility staff also train users to perform select assessment(s) independently. Contact CAMiLoD for more details.

Equipment and capabilities:

1) Instron 8501: It is a hydraulic mechanical testing system. The capacity of the system is 100 kN. We have a couple of different capacity load cells so that this system can be used to measure different levels of force.  This system is mainly used for fatigue testing. After more than a decade of work, a variety of fixtures have been designed, and are readily available, for mounting samples appropriately to perform fatigue testing reliably on various biomaterials, especially dental implants. 

2) Instron 4301*: It is an electro-mechanical testing system, with a capacity of 1000 N. This universal mechanical system can be used to measure from the tenth of N to 1000 N. 

* Currently out -of-order

3) Microhardness tester: It is a Tukon microhardness tester. This instrument is for the measurement of Knoop Hardness. Its loading range is from 1 gram to 1000 gram.

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