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Workstation #1 aka King Arthur

Zen AI Toolkit - demo.jpg

This image processing workstation features Zen 3.6 with AI tool kit  for Life Science Research to provide fast image analysis throughput, while avoiding user bias. This toolkit also contains solutions for image denoising, image segmentation, and object classification.

 CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2623 @ 3.00GHz

 RAM: 192 GB

 GPU: Nvidia Quadro K2200

 OS: Windows 7 Pro


Workstation #2 aka Sir Galahad


This analysis workstation features Imaris 10 for Cell Biologists package, which is ideal 3D/4D visualization and analysis tools. This package also has the functionality for smart cell based segmentation, analysis on a per cell basis and discovery of intracellular relationships. The package includes automated tracking, detection of cell division and creation of interactive lineage trees along with statistical tests and a two-way interface for customization in Matlab, Java or Python. 

CPU: Intel i9-12900KF; @ < 5.2 GHz

RAM: 128 GB

GPU: Nvidia RTX-A4000 16 GB

OS: Windows 10


Workstation #3 aka Sir Lancelot


This analysis workstation features Leica software, LAS X 3.5  that  provides quick and efficient 3D rendering and image processing tools. This workstation also provides access to Volocity 6.5 with MicroVolution module.

CPU: i7-3930K @ 3.20GHz

RAM: 32 GB

GPU: Nvidia GTX 580

OS: Windows 10 Pro



Following Basic Package is available on all analysis workstations:


FIJI: the workhorse for most image analysis routines.

Download the free version here.


Volocity: software solution for 3D image analysis.


ZEN lite: software solution to view and edit annotations of images in ".czi" file format.

Download the free version here.


LAS X: software solution to view and edit annotations of images in ".lif" file format.

Download the free version here.


GraphPad Prism : preferred analysis and graphing solution, purpose-built for scientific research. 


ilastik: a user-friendly machine learning tool for interactive image classification, segmentation, and analysis.

Download the free version here.

Cell profiler_Logo.png

Cell Profiler + Analyst: software for quantitative analysis of biological images.

Download the free version here.


RStudio: integrated development environment for R, a programming language

for statistical computing and graphics. Download the free version here.


QuPath: a powerful, flexible, and extensible software platform for whole slide image analysis. Download the free version here.

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